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    Your company is constantly changing. You worry your investments will not get results. We create confidence they will.

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    Transformation Enablement

    Our Transformation Readiness Framework helps you manage change effectively, ensuring project success and reducing stress.

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    Project Delivery Excellence

    We deliver projects efficiently, providing specialized expertise and maintaining strong client relationships to achieve your strategic goals.

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    Professional Development

    We invest in developing both our people and your teams, enhancing capabilities through continuous coaching, training, and development programs.


    Let's talk about your needs and a path forward.

  • Guiding Leaders to Success Amidst Challenges

    "Kent and the Sandcastle Change team helped me tackle a tough data analytics project, refine my leadership skills, and navigate departmental challenges. Their mentorship boosted my confidence and opened new opportunities, earning me respect from senior leadership. I’m grateful for their invaluable support."

    — Bruce, Product Management, TIAA

    Delivering Projects On-Time, On-Budget, and Beyond Expectations

    "Working with Kent and the Sandcastle Change team was a game-changer. They guided me through a complex political landscape and helped alleviate my professional concerns. Their expertise ensured our project was completed on time, within budget, and with high client satisfaction. Their support and mentorship were invaluable."

    — Katherine Thornton, Special Projects, TIAA

    Strategic Leadership for Startup Success

    "Sandcastle Change, with Kent serving as our COO/CFO, was instrumental in turning DropJolly into a profitable alternative wellness company within a year. Their strategic business planning and operational expertise brought us from concept to operational in just three months. Kent's leadership and guidance were crucial, and we couldn't have reached this success without him."

    — Andrea, CEO of DropJolly

    Transforming Businesses with Digital Innovation

    "Sandcastle Change and Kent's strategic insights were pivotal in transforming Page Turner Books. Their expertise in business strategy and website updates enabled us to launch a fully digital, multi-vendor e-commerce platform. This transformation has significantly enhanced our ability to help authors find their voice and audience. We couldn't have achieved this success without their guidance."

    — Leanne Staback, CEO of Page Turner Books